Ensuing Projects

  1. Land for expansion:
      • Purchased 1250 sq. yds. (@ Rs. 10,000/sq. yd. for Rs. 12.5 million).
      • To buy 500 sq. yds.

        2. Higher Secondary School:

      • 90% complete.
      • Has applied for upgradation from Secondary to Higher Secondary School.

        3. Primary School:

      • Started construction.
      • Completion in March 2018, In sha Allah.
      • Excluding land, the estimated cost is Rs. 10 Million.

         4. Home of Peace (an orphanage):

      • Started construction.
      • Completion in March 2018, Insha Allah.
      • The estimated cost is Rs. 20 Million.

          5. The Information Technology Laboratory:

    • @ Higher Secondary School.
    • Ready to serve as a digital Library at the Aabroo Barkat Hussain Public Library in partnership with the Quaid-e- Azam Public Library.

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